Tier Lab was born in 2015 from the idea of ​​Michele Ruggiu, coming from the world of video game development, to exploit the new computerized numerical control processing technologies to create a line of products characterized by a high standard of quality and total customization.
Our mission is to become a point of reference in Italy and in Europe for product quality, flexibility of purchase and for speed and accuracy in order processing. The tools to achieve our goal will be continuous research and innovation, both on the production front and on the commercial front, to offer products and purchasing solutions that are increasingly customizable and close to the desires and needs of players and associations.

The passion for live role-playing games

Almost ten years ago, dragged down by a university friend, I approached the world of the GRV, immediately producing my own costumes and armor, and later also the weapons. This production activity soon became an integral part of the fun and passion for the game, and pushed me to find both virtual and physical masters who would teach me to work leather, leather, iron.

The passion for videogames and 3D modeling

Coming from the world of video games and three-dimensional modeling, when I decided to devote myself professionally to what was initially just a hobby for me, I wanted to do so by exploiting all the arts learned so far: my training in 3D modeling along with my attitude to artisanal creation.

My dream

Convinced that this was my path, I decided to make a dream come true and set up a workshop to create not only high quality products, but also unique in their kind for design, materials and construction. Thanks also to the help of a friend, I built my first cnc milling machine that allowed me to speed up the production of my articles, while improving the quality.

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